Commencement/Reunion: Planting. This is a frenetic two-weeks where we are seeding a lot, planting a lot, harvesting and washing a lot. High energy work in unpredictable weather, with long physical days. Work 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday for two weeks, May 14- May 25.

Apply to Work over Commencement/Reunion:

Click Here

Select "Facilities" then write in "Book & Plow Farm" at the bottom of the application.

Housing and 3 meals a day are included. 

Deadline to Apply is March 1st

830 AM to 430 PM with an hour off for lunch

May 14th through May 25th, Monday Through Friday

This is a vital time at the farm and the students that work the two weeks around Commencement and Reunion will have a full immersion to what vegetable production at Book & Plow looks like. There will be a lot of harvesting, greenhouse seeding, and field transplanting. The video is of students transplanting on our waterwheel transplanter.