What is a CSA?

Wikipedia has a great article that explains the benefits of a CSA model and some history. That article can be found here.

Is the current share the same as the 2016 share?

Our Fall share will be the same size as it was last year. The nominal increase in price accounts for the cost of growing the food. You can purchase multiple bags depending on your needs. Each bag will be around 8-12 pounds of produce.

Why is there no summer share?

Last year, we experimented with a summer share on the farm. Because we are designed to be in peak production during the semester, we will continue to focus on our Fall CSA. Don't Worry! Many of the warm weather crops will still be available in September.

How many bags should I get

We recommend a single bag for 1-2 people, two bags for 2-4 people, and three bags for a family of vegetable lovers. Each bag is approximately 8-12 lbs.

Can I split my share with a friend? 

We have made the size of the single bag smaller to accommodate 1-2 people, if this still seems like too much food you are welcome to split.

What happens if I can't make it to a pickup?

You can send a friend, you can ask for your share to be donated that week to a community member, you can contact the farm and assemble your own share at a time convenient to you and B&P.  Sadly, we do not box shares up for folks who cannot make it.

Can I come to the farm and use the Pick-Your-Own Garden during off hours?

Absolutely.  The farm is now yours.  The PYO garden is open 7 days a week for you, all hours of the day.