This year (2016) we had 20 pigs living out their lives in a spacious forested area feeding on vegetables and some grain. These pigs are a Yorkshire and Hampshire cross and came from Parsons Farm in Hadley as piglets. They have spent a lovely 19 weeks frolicking in our woods and eating lots of vegetable scraps and nuzzling in the dirt. I am very proud of how they were raised and I think it is reflected in the quality of the meat.  They were processed at VT Packing House and have been delighted with the quality. The bacon has been smoked by Sutter Meats in Northampton.

We have two MEAT SHARE options

The Basic: for $150 available now (a $20 discount)
5 Pork Chops (7lbs)
1 Shoulder (5lbs)
1 Spare rib (2lbs)
2 Hot Sausage (2lbs)
2 Sweet Sausage (2lbs)
2 Breakfast Sausage(2lbs)

The "Freezer Filler" *new for $250 available end of October TBD (a $100 discount)
8 Pork Chops (12lbs)
1 Shoulder (5lbs)
1 Ham (fresh) (4 lbs)
2 Spare rib (4lbs)
4 Hot Sausage (4lbs)
4 Sweet Sausage (4lbs)
4 Breakfast Sausage (4lbs)
2 Bacon (4lbs)

And there are INDIVIDUAL CUTS available

Pork Chops - $10/lb
Shoulders - $6/lb
Fresh Hams - $6/lb *available in late Oct
Smoked Hams - $8/lb *available in late Oct
Tenderloin - $10/lb *available in late Oct
Ribs - $7/lb
Bacon - $10/lb
Sausage (links)- $10/lb
2015 Sausage (bulk) - $5/lb
Hocks - $3/lb
Leaf lard - $3/lb

Order at the CSA or email us!


Yes we have been growing Fresh Ginger in our field house. It is time to harvest but we only want to harvest for orders so that it stays fresh. Fresh ginger is unique because it have a very delicate skin and has a lot more flavor. I actually like taking whole heads and freezing them and then slicing or grating frozen. Please email us to order. $9/lb

Dry Beans

We are about to start harvesting dry beans. This year we grew two acres worth! We have black beans, cannellini beans, and kidney beans. They will be available in 6 lbs bags. More information soon.