If you are interested, fill out an employment application. Spots are limited. 

We try to balance new people with folks who have worked on the farm before.

Spring Work Study: Seeding. In the Spring we are setting the stage for the season. Spend your time seeding in the greenhouse, doing some early wash/pack and planting, infrastructure and field set-up. We are looking for attention to detail, focus on repetitive tasks, organization and efficiency. Work one or two three-hour shifts per week, March-May.

Fall Work Study: Harvesting. In the Fall we are in full-harvest mode. There is the twice-weekly greens harvest for delivery to Valentine, the end of season bulk-harvests of storage crops; wash/pack and delivery to Valentine and our CSA program, and field clean up to finish the season strong. The work is physical and the challenge is to balance speed, efficiency and quality control. Work one or two three-hour shifts per week, September-November.

How to get paid:

If this is your first time working on campus then visit Nancy Robinson in the basement of Converse in the Student Employment Office with your: I-9

Bring this form the first time you come to the farm or when you are eligible for a raise (after 3 semesters of work): Student Appointment Form